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Q345b steel polishing method

Q345b steel polishing method often used Polishing means a processing method by the action of mechanical, chemical or electrochemical, lower the q345b steel pipe surface roughness, to obtain a bright and smooth surface, and surface modification process making use of a flexible polishing tools and polishing abrasive particles or other media on the workpiece .
Polishing can not improve the dimensional accuracy or geometrical shape accuracy of q345b steel pipe, but can obtain a smooth surface or specular gloss, sometimes to be used to eliminate gloss. Usually buff as a polishing tool. Buff is generally made with multilayer canvas, leather crafted stacked, on both sides clamped with a metal circular plate, its rim coated abrasive mixture of powder and oil and other uniform.
(1) Mechanical q345b steel polishing surface corrosion resistance. As we know, the mechanical polishing q345b steel corrosion resistance is significantly lower than the electrochemical polishing q345b steel pipe, mainly due to the cold mechanical q345b polishing surface hardened steel deformed layer high corrosion rate, coupled with in the mechanical polishing process, inevitably have abrasive particles embedded in the deformable layer, the corrosion rate of deformation layer increased greatly. 
(2) electrochemical q345b steel polishing makes the metal surface hardening layer easy to be dissolved, and can lower the surface activity, what’s more, there is a continuous passivation film formed on the surface, significantly improved the corrosion resistance.
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