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Pipe paint protection

The protective function of the paint itself have antiseptic effect:corrosion, water, oil, chemical resistance, light, temperature, etc.
Objects exposed to the atmosphere by oxygen, water and other erosion, resulting in metal corrosion, wood rot, cement weathering and other damage phenomenon. In the object surface coated with paint, forming a protective film that can prevent or delay the occurrence and development of these phenomena undermine that prolong the service life of various materials. Therefore, the protective effect of a coating is a major role. Chosing a good point on the pipe paint brush is the role of corrosion. 
Pipe coating inside and outside two. Surface paint is antiseptic, some after pickling and galvanized, big pipe corrosion paint do, usually with epoxy. Buried pipe if it is important to also increase cathodic corrosion protection to do internal lining coating is generally called, in addition to corrosion, there are specific roles, such as small fluid resistance, pollution and so on. 
Pipeline outside the paint must be used for anti-corrosion and paint will not rust. Further, the paint color can play a role distinguish pipe, which are determined by the color paint tube medium
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