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The alloy steel tee are widely used

The alloy steel tee are widely used. The ordinary bronze alloy steel tee is more common in the general tap water pipeline, but with the improvement of living standard, many of the water pipes are changed to stainless steel elbow.Tee of manganese steel is usually used in pipes such as concrete conveying pipes, mud conveying pipes and so on, because manganese steel has excellent performances such as impact resistance, extrusion and material wear. The three general high manganese steel alloy is used in fluid flow is more intense, the impact is relatively strong in the pipeline; the three nickel alloy steel material is usually used in high concentration oxidizing acid at room temperature pipeline, but in reducing acid (hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and so on) of the transmission pipeline is will be severely corroded, unless the concentration of hydrochloric acid is very low; the ability of martensitic alloy high temperature strength, 650 DEG C has high oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance to water vapor, but poor weldability. Therefore, it is often used in high temperature water vapor pipeline and water gas pipeline.
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